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Red Balloon Series

Offshoots and Whims

As an artist, at least in the case of the "Red Balloon" series, Kuang Chu only practices the wild process of creation in his mind.

When he begins to materialize the image in his mind, he does it methodically and in clear steps - Draft - Linework - Hatching. In creating his recent works, Kuang Chu also harnessed the advantage of software--creating the image in parts and layers, which generated a good by-product: many work-in-progress images and components of his works could be used as independent artworks.

Sometimes in the process of creating his work, he develops whims that lead to the creation of related works that are not directly related to the Red Balloon series but are similar in style.

The following are some offshoots and whims of the Red Balloon Series.

kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_01 kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_04 kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_05 kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_06  kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_08 kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_09 kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_10 kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_11 kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_12 kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_13 kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_14  kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_16 kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_17 kuang_chu_offshoots_and_whims_18