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Red Balloon Series

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Kuang Chu is making his new work digitally, and his old works are all scanned and thus have state-of-art digital files.

Having enough details but not too many, the "Red Balloon" series is very friendly to multimedia. Stepping down the paper, walking out of galleries and museums, Kuang Chu's works could appear everywhere: books, cups, mousepads, clothes, tattoo stickers... 

Now we have only one good example, the "Red Balloon" tattoo sticker. You can see some of the patterns and how it looks on the model.

Red Balloon Tattoos Stickers - Wearable Art for Your Skin

Discover our collection of Red Balloon tattoo stickers, designed by Kuang Chu himself. These temporary tattoos allow you to wear a piece of Kuang Chu's art on your skin, making a bold and unique statement.