Welcome to Kuang Chu's Universe

Explore the "Red Balloon Series" & Beyond

Kuang Chu is a cross-border, cross-disciplinary artist. His artwork has been exhibited in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu, China, New York State, and Los Angeles, U.S.A. He is now based in Los Angeles, Beijing and Chengdu.

Currently, Kuang Chu's main focus is on his "Red Balloon" printmaking series. This series has been exhibited and sold in galleries as printmaking artwork and has generated a booklet, quite a few offshoots and whims, and a series of franchise products.

More literary than the surrealism and "pop surrealism" that inspired it, the "Red Balloon" series reveals Kuang Chu's talent for writing, which himself knows better. In addition to his work in the visual arts, Kuang Chu has also written several books, including art books and children's books.

Though the "Red Balloon" series is characterized by extremely detailed and elaborate works of fine art, Kuang Chu is also exploring other areas of visual art and different approaches of creating art, including doodles.

Kuang Chu has an inquisitive mind and enjoys conducting in-depth and extensive research into the visual arts and other fields, which is reflected in his blog.

In the future, Kuang Chu will create more works and this website will be updated from time to time, so I hope you will visit often!